Platform 0090 is a sustainable international platform – a workshop and hub for research, creation, residency, production and presentation of trans-disciplinary art with attention for interspaces and hybridity. It accompanies a group artists in their innovative and contemporary artistic process and plays an active intermediary and service role in multidisciplinary art processes.



Royal Academy of Fine Arts – In Situ³ is a multifaceted, multidisciplinary course of study. It is based on two principles: a specific situation and an individual approach. You will investigate different locations, their historical, social and aesthetic contexts and then experiment with various materials and techniques in order to respond as an artist to the given circumstances.



Kunst/Werk is a structurally funded organization for dance. It embodies a professional and human space in which different dance practices can develop, with respect to the unique character and ambition of each one. The oeuvre of choreographer Marc Vanrunxt is central to these contemporary dance creations, performances and research.


Logo Musica

Musica, Impuls centre for Music stimulates a conscious and adventurous experience of sound and music. We strive for a music participation for everyone, regardless of age, cultural or social background.



OUT OF SIGHT was founded by artists Dušica Dražić and Wim Janssen. The organization aims to find a potential hidden within what we often perceive as different, marginal or even unwanted.


WPZimmer_logo green

wpZimmer is an international workspace for the arts, with a focus on performance, dance and hybrid artistic practices. The organization revolves around the needs of the artists, their desire to research or create and the development of their skills and practices.




STORMKOP is an expressive port for young adventurers at the Droogdokken in Antwerp.

Studio Katleen Vinck

Studio for exhibitions, rehearsal, performance or photoshoot. The studio can be hired by professional artists or organisations for exhibitions, photoshoots, …

Bar Paniek

Bar Paniek is a meeting center for artistic cross-pollination.

Tuning People

Tuning People makes visual sound theater for a varied audience. Research and accessible experimentation are central, fantasy prevails and they are not afraid to cause a stir.


Many thanks to:
Stormkop, Royal Academie of Fine Arts Antwerp – In Situ3, Site Bar Paniek/Tuning People, Studio Katleen Vinck, ZNA Cadix Ziekenhuis, STEDELIJK LYCEUM, GARAGE BBS, KRANTENWINKEL BARBARA