Simon Van Schuylenbergh

He graduated in 2017 from the Drama course at the KASK School of Arts in Ghent. Since 2015 Simon has been working on a series of dance solos with a herd of zebra sculptures from papier-mâché.
Much of Simon’s work is difficult to define both by himself and by others. He resolutely opts for hybrid forms that dare to question themselves. The trajectory with the zebras, for example, forces itself upon him as a lengthy process in various variations, depending on the different contexts in which he makes and shows his work.
In addition to making his own work, Simon participates in performances, exhibitions and shows of Siska Baeck, Chiarra Monteverde, Andre Chapatte, Sophie Melis, Pière Patrice Kassel, Micha Goldberg, Rosie Sommers, Sophia Rodriguez, Lobke Leirens, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe & all kinds of artists connected to self-organised communities such as Artists Commons & Volksroom Brussels. 
Together with Nathan Ooms & Anna F. Jäger, Simon created an ongoing project called ‘Ne mosquito pas’ where he asks various artists to share their archive of ‘bad ideas’ of past performances and make them worse. This forms the starting point for short solo-performances. Collectively they present their inner-loser on different Off-locations in Brussels. In this work Simon is searching for forms of open-collectivity and commoning. This takes the form of several meetings where artists share and perform personal reflections on failure in a success-based society.  

Solo with zebras  

Since 2015 Simon Van Schuylenbergh has been making performances accompanied by zebras made of papier-mâché and plaster.
The work is shown in theater studios, halls, galleries, work in progress festivals, as part of a walk with something to eat before, on the street and on various types of public transport.
The zebras have seen many different contexts and the stories behind the different solos are becoming more and more an important aspect of the work.
Where things come into contact with each other.
Bumping, cutting or seductively flirting with each other.
Between disciplines.