Salomé Mooij

Salomé Mooij is a performer and theatre maker, born in Den Haag on 10th of December 1990. After she graduated from High School Salomé moved to Belgium to study Philosophy at the University of Ghent and Theatre direction at RITCS (Brussels).

In 2018 she started touring in Belgium with her own collective Dividu. In Europe she toured with Dying Together from Lotte van den Berg. The coming years Salomé will develop and work on her own artistic practice, supported by SoAP, C-Takt, De Brakke Grond, wpZimmer, De Nwe Vorst en METROPOLIS/KIT.

Salomé makes insitu work on the cutting edge of performance and artistic research: physical thinking exercises that are characterized by a longing for scanning, unfolding and connecting the micro and macro levels in our existence. In this way she tries to understand the world around her and to approach it as openly as possible. Within these theatrical frameworks, she examines the connections that are possible between different realities in the city, paying special attention to what is hidden from our view. By enlarging the details, she hopes to make visible a field of force in which the public, as a partner, can explore its own relationship.

Since June 2020, Salomé has been one of the trajectory artists of wp Zimmer.

The Shelterworkplace

The Shelterworkplace is an eclectic hands-on installation that is part of a wider investigation into shelters. Places where the (functional) noise of life grows quit for a moment and we can come into contact with another layer of existence.

One that seems hard to touch upon sometimes, but essential and necessary to ground ourselves. Where and when does an outside world coincide with an inside world?

In the Shelterworkplace I investigate the shape of these places through personal experiences and how we come into contact with them. These shelters take shape in miniature during an intimate collaboration.

The process of questions, answers and discoveries in the workplace is translated into a model.

The model is then added to the collection of possible shelters. Together they form a nomadic collection of many different places needed to land. An ever-growing collection with contributions from every place where the Shelterworkplace takes place.