Marc Vanrunxt

Marc Vanrunxt is choreographer and dancer. He investigates the boundaries of dance as a medium and choreography as a language, taking into account the possibilities of the body. In his work he tries to redefine concepts such as time, space, energy and presence. Vanrunxt’s oeuvre revolves around opposites such as visible/invisible and tangible/invisible. His artistic vocabulary finds its roots in the punk movement and abstract expressionism.


Choreographer Marc Vanrunxt (Kunst/Werk) places his contribution to The Image Generator 2020 in the broader archiving project Contemporary Archaeology. On Sunday 27 September he will present (based on a true story), a rethink in a different time and space of a number of recent solos with Jan Martens, Igor Shyshko and Bahar Temiz. Mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers provides the music. At the same time, graphic designer Paul Verrept will read from the brand new publication on the choreographic work of Marc Vanrunxt, which will also be presented to the public for the first time during this event: You must understand that we lived in an atmosphere of euphoria, youth and enthusiasm that can hardly be imagined today. Visual artist Katleen Vinck infiltrates the space with some recent objects. During recent excavation works a number of artifacts came to light such as a video recording from 1998 of the project Walking on Thin Ice with Rosa Hermans. The film is currently being restored by filmmaker Bart Van Dessel and will be screened during The Image Generator. Contemporary Archaeology will take place at Duinstraat 124 in Antwerp, in the studio of Katleen Vinck.

Contemporary Archaeology is a production of Kunst/Werk based on an idea of Marc Vanrunxt in close collaboration with Paul Verrept, Bebuquin, Katleen Vinck, Bart Van Dessel, GRIP, Bas Baenen. 

Dance: Bahar Temiz, Jan Martens, Igor Shyshko
Music: Els Mondelaers
text: Paul Verrept
objects: Katleen Vinck
video: Bart Van Dessel
technical realisation: Bas Baenen