Collectief Publiek Geluid

Collectief Publiek Geluid is a group of young makers, musicians and sound artists who focus on musical creations in relation to public space. Collectief Publiek Geluid responds to architecture and its surroundings (urban & non-urban) and explores its artistic possibilities. Over the years they have been working on a ‘repertoire’ or ‘canon’ with works that can be performed (read: city tunes, composed soundscapes, walks, …) for the public space.

Collectief Publiek Geluid is a project of Musica with the support of C-TAKT.

Location work @ Stormkop – droogdokken, Antwerp

What does it mean to create works for public space as opposed to a traditional concert hall? What factors do you need to take into account if you make music on the street, what artistic opportunities does this offer in terms of presentation and audience, and what are the risks?
In every new context, there will be consideration of how the architecture and activities of a specific place determine its artistic possibilities.